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    MATH2022 Course Material
    Mathematics for Electrical and Electronics Engineers (Part 2). Course material (course notes, Formula Sheet, Lecture Slides, Problem sheets) for the course as it ran in 2011/12 and 12/13. Course discontinued after 2012/13 as part of the transition from 10 to 15 credits.

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    Numerical Methods Worksheets
    These worksheets are formative assessment for the Numerical Methods modules MATH3018 and MATH6111 (some material is only covered in MATH3018). Intended to back up both the theory and the coding (in Matlab) side

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    School of Mathematics Computing Guide
    Guide for computing in the School of Mathematics. Intended for new staff and PG students. Originally written by Anton Prowse from a number of earlier documents.

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    MATH2038 Notes, Lectures and handouts
    The MATH2038 (Partial Differential Equations) course, as given in semester 2 2008/9. Syllabus has changed slightly from previous years, as has coursework weighting.

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    Bulk Upload 01 Dec 2008 (192/192) - LectureNotesMATH2009.pdf
    Lecture notes for MATH2009, Vector Calculus and Applications (discontinued after 2007?). These are based on the notes of Bob Craine, typed up by Ian Hawke.

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    Numerical Methods lectures for MATH6111 (and MATH3018).
    These are the slides used in the joint lectures for MATH3018/MATH6111. They focus on the examples that do not appear in the course notes (see related material). Each lecture comes with example Matlab files that generate the figures used in the lectures.

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    Course Notes, Numerical Methods (MATH3018/MATH6111).
    Course notes for the Numerical Methods course (joint MATH3018 and MATH6111). Originally by Giampaolo d'Alessandro, modified by Ian Hawke. These contain only minimal examples and are distributed as is; examples are given in the lectures.

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    Class Test Generator
    A combination of perl scripts and LaTeX files, this generates multiple multiple choice class tests from a single set of questions. You input a list of questions and answers into a text file. The script then produces any number of class tests that can be used, together with master answer sheets, by scrambling the order of the questions and the answers. Includes a detailed README file, but best just to try it and see.

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    MATH2009 Lecture notes
    MATH2009, Vector Calculus and Applications. The lecture course was discontinued after 2007/8 (?); these notes are from the year before. Based on Bob Craine's notes as typed up by Ian Hawke. Note that they are not complete as they were principally for my own use.

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