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    INFO2009 2012-13 Resource Group 15 - Web Science
    Web Science - Group 15 created an interactive infographic which informs prospective applicants about the new Web Science undergraduate degrees offered at the University of Southampton, starting in October 2013. Web Science as a new and exciting field of research is also briefly outlined, supported by two video interviews with Dr Les Car, a web scientist.

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    INFO2009 2012-13 Resource Group 24
    A short video explaining how the next generation of the internet will differ from the web as we currently know it and how these changes will affect a user. The possible problems with the transition are also covered.

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    Lecture 1: The Pioneers and History (pre-WWW)
    A Powerpoint file for a Lecture on the development of the world wide web. Intended for lecturers and undergraduates. Produced by Hugh Davis, ECS for a 3rd year Module.

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    Political Economy of the Web
    Slides to introduce political economy, and its relevance to the study of the Web. Brief review of methods and issues.

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