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    Agile Sprint planning, estimating and tracking progress with burndown charts.
    These lecture slides cover agile sprint planning. I have included lightweight task estimation using agile techniques: story points, T- shirts and planning pokerthis is intended to help developers who are building their personal and team estimating capability

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    Envisioning (starting the project)2: User Stories, Sprint Planning, Risk Assessment
    Second in a two part set of lectures on Agile Envisioning. The lectures describe the process of starting up a project. 1) creating a shared understanding amongst the team and customers using Stakeholder Analysis, Personas and User stories 2) Sprint planning and using a burndown chart 3) Risk assessment

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    Starting to Build: storyboards, scenarios,design tools
    This lecture covers the use of Agile design tools: Storyboards and Scenarios, used in conjunction with Personas. These are also used in participatory design.

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