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    Academic Integrity Resources - links and guides
    an online tutorial, a pdf version, a powerpoint presentation, links to regulations.

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    CartoDB Tutorial
    Re-used with permission under CC BY SA license from Dave Tarrant (The ODI)

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    Collection: DRM Group 27 Team TT INFO2009 0910
    student created resource collection

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    Creative Commons Quiz/Lecture notes/Lecture slides(group 22)
    The resource set of info2009 coursework 2 is produced by group22. it contains: 1. poster 2. internet link of a set of multiple questions 3. a pdf file of a set of multiple questions 4. reference list 5. lecture slides 6. lecture notes ps: Edward Payne ( has not contributed to any part of the activities.

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    D3 - building a chart
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    D3 Tutorial 3
    For the first part of the tutorial, use results.csv. For the second part use the CPI_October file.

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    DevECS Revision Control Lecture
    A presentation to accompany the DevECS Revision Control talk being held on the 25th April 2012. This talk covers basic git usage ensuring that users can make the most of revision control with no previous use.

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    Engineering Foundation Year - Sustaining Success - Lecture 1 - slides
    These materials are used in student tutorials as part of the routes to success course. The tutorials are typically delivered to a large group (~50) in an interactive manner, with the slides serving as reference/check materials. Some of the questions in the slides can also be used as individual handouts

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    INFO2009 - Team 'DROP TABLE groups;
    Edshare for INFO2009 coursework 2 - Team 'DROP TABLE groups;

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    Profile Picture Mr Patrick Naish
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    Internet for Image Searching
    "Internet for Image Searching" is a free online tutorial to help staff and students in universities and colleges to find digital images for their learning and teaching. The emphasis of the tutorial is on finding copyright cleared images which are available free; facilitating quick, hassle-free access to a vast range of online photographs and other visual resources. "This tutorial is an excellent resource for anyone needing to know more about where and how to find images online. The fact that it concentrates on copyright cleared images will make it even more valuable for busy learning and teaching professionals, researchers and students alike. It will also serve to inspire confidence in those needing to use images from the web in their work." (Sharon Waller of the Higher Education Academy).

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    Past Projects
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    Tableau Tutorial 1
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    Tableau Workbook 1
    The workbook contains everything up until the end of Tutorial 2. You can use it if you need to work through Tutorial 2 but don't have your saved file available from last week.

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    Things to do with your first personal tutorial
    This is an idea list of things you might wish to talk about with your personal tutees in the first few tutorials. It originates from ECS (Dave de Roure and Hugh Davis in particular) so some of the ideas might be particular to that School. If you have suggestions you would wish to have added please email them to, or please feel free to copy any parts of the document and make a list specific to your school. Please enter the new list in EdShare!

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    Tutorial on Searching for Images
    An online tutorial showing how to obtain images which are suitable for teaching purposes, where there are no copyright issues to resolve!

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    Tutorial: Gephi
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