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    Review: Social Media and Abstract Nouns
    The revision slides for our Social Media course, contains major lessons learned throughout the course, and an example exam question (on trust).

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    Social Media Analytics: Trust and Power
    In this lecture for a second year interdisciplinary course (part of the curriculum innovation programme) We explore the scope of social media analytics and look at two aspects in depth: Analysing for influence (looking at factors such as network structure, propagation of content and interaction), and analysing for trust (looking at different methods including policy, provenance and reputation - both local and global). The lecture notes include a number of short videos, which cannot be included here for copy-write reasons.

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    Trust is a complex philosophical, social and technical notion, but it underlies many of our digital interactions including e-commerce and collective intelligence. In this lecture we will look at how different disciplines, including Psychology, Sociology and Economics have come to understand Trust through the lens of their own studies, aims and goals, and will explore how computer scientists and software engineers have implemented trust models based on policy, provenance and reputation. We will take a closer look at both Global and Local reputation-based trust, and see how assumptions of transitivity and asymmetry are useful. Finally we will explore trust issues around the largest known store of human knowledge: the Wikipedia

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