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    Biosafety Training Videos
    Shared with the University by
    Dr Stewart Clark
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    Blackboard for teaching and learning
    A slideshow and supporting handout used in a workshop that discusses how Blackboard can be used to effectively support student learning.

    Shared with the University by
    Mr Adam Warren
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    Educational/training situated e-learning
    A small selection of the range of educational/training situated e-learning in Southampton Education School

    Shared with the World by
    Dr John Woollard
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    Teacher Training Videos
    Free online training resources on using web 2.0 tools for busy lecturers. - 'Outstanding ICT initiative of the year' winner of the JISC award is commended for 'commitment to open access to online content' A wealth of openly available multimedia content won the JISC/Times Higher Award. Created by University of Westminster lecturer Russell Stannard's websites build upon pioneering work using video to mark students' work. Using screen recording software, Stannard recorded himself walking through various Web 2.0 technologies with a voice-over, which were then uploaded to a website - The site quickly proved popular and rapidly built into a bank of over 30 videos.

    Shared with the University by
    Dr Mike Weaver
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    Using zappers in Common Learning Spaces (Windows XP)
    This resource is now obsolete and has been replaced by This PowerPoint is an animated step-by-step guide that shows tutors how to use zappers in a teaching session. It covers starting the PC, distributing the zappers, plugging in the receiver, starting the software, running the presentation and managing voting, saving data at the end and collecting the handsets. It takes around 5 minutes to view.

    Shared with the World by
    Mr Adam Warren
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    Zappers - how to reset to channel 41 (a guide for students)
    This animated PowerPoint shows students how to reset their zapper handsets to use the default communication channel (41). If students press the GO button on their handset they may inadvertently change the channel and will not be able to vote. It only takes a few seconds to reset - essentially you press GO - 4 - 1 - GO and it should work again.

    Shared with the University by
    Mr Adam Warren
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    Zappers - how to use (a guide for students)
    This PowerPoint can either be used by itself the first time you use zappers with your students, or you can copy the slides to your own presentation. Students are shown how to vote using the zapper handset, and it includes a sample question "what did you drink for breakfast this morning?" so they can see how it works and test that their handsets are working. Now updated for Office 2010.

    Shared with the World by
    Mr Adam Warren
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