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    Ethics Committee Student Project Expedited Review Checklist
    checklist for fast track review of student project by ECS ethics committee

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    Expedited Ethics Review Form for Student Projects
    Form to be completed and discussed with your tutor for submission to the ethics committee as appropriate

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    Zappers - how to reset to channel 41 (a guide for students)
    This animated PowerPoint shows students how to reset their zapper handsets to use the default communication channel (41). If students press the GO button on their handset they may inadvertently change the channel and will not be able to vote. It only takes a few seconds to reset - essentially you press GO - 4 - 1 - GO and it should work again.

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    Zappers - how to use (a guide for students)
    This PowerPoint can either be used by itself the first time you use zappers with your students, or you can copy the slides to your own presentation. Students are shown how to vote using the zapper handset, and it includes a sample question "what did you drink for breakfast this morning?" so they can see how it works and test that their handsets are working. Now updated for Office 2010.

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