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    University Logo in Vector and Raster (Smoother Version)
    These are a range of logos created in the same way as Mr Patrick McSweeny The logo has been extracted from PDF documents and is smoother and accurate to the original logo design. Many thanks to to McSweeny for publishing the logo, in SVG originally, I struggled to find it anywhere else. Files are in Inkscape SVG, PDF and PNG. From Mr Patrick McSweeney: This is a selection of University of Southampton Logos in both vector (svg) and raster (png) formats. These are suitable for use on the web or in small documents and posters. You can open the SVG files using inkscape ( and edit them directly. The University logo should not be modified and attention should be paid to the branding guidelines found here: You must always leave a space the width of an capital O in Southampton on all 4 edges of the logo. The negative space makes it appear more prominently on the page.

    Shared with the University by
    Mr Duncan Mcbryde
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