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    Introduction to 'Surfer'
    'Surfer' is a computer package used to produce contour plots. Its marine applications therefore include production of bathymetric maps from measurements of depth, as well as contour plots of how oceanographic parameters vary in space and time in the water column.

    Shared with the University by
    Mr Ed Share
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    Open Source Licenses in Academia
    A Seminar about the advantages of using open source licenses as a complimentary strategy to the academic publish process.

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    Mr Patrick Mcsweeney
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    Reference List: Accessibility Text Tutorial
    List of references in Harvard format for the accessibility text tutorial created by Denis's Angels.

    Shared with the University by
    Mr Christopher Heys
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    Software for identifying bacteria - PIBWin
    The PIBWin programme provides probabilistic identification of unknown bacterial isolates against identification matrices of known strains. Bryant TN. PIBWin - software for probabilistic identification. Journal of Applied Microbiololgy. 2004;97(6):1326-7.

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    Dr Trevor Bryant
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    Team Quintinlessness: Open source software resource set
    INFO2009 Assignment 2 reference list for team "Quintinlessness" - Subject: Open source software

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    Mr Antony Johnston
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