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    COMP3016 Exam paper
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    Prof Leslie Carr
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    Chuckle Brothers INFO2009 CW2
    Resource, Poster and Reference for the coursework

    Shared with the University by
    Mr Tom Edwards
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    Chuckle Brothers: INFO2009 CW2 Poster
    Abstract, introduction, methodology and conclusion concerning our learning resource. Best viewed at size A0

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    Mr Tom Edwards
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    Chuckle Brothers: INFO2009 CW2 Resource
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    Mr Nicholas Hollett
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    Common Craft
    Common craft make short videos which explain in simple terms some common concepts and technologies used in learning and teaching. These are available through The Common Craft Store, which offers versions of videos that are: Downloadable files Presentation-quality Licensed for workplace use You can find the free, online versions of the videos on The Common Craft Show. Topics include phishing, RSS, wikis, Twitter, social networking, social bookmarking, web search strategies, social media, podcasting, sharing photos online and many more.

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    Dr Mike Weaver
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    Internet for Image Searching
    "Internet for Image Searching" is a free online tutorial to help staff and students in universities and colleges to find digital images for their learning and teaching. The emphasis of the tutorial is on finding copyright cleared images which are available free; facilitating quick, hassle-free access to a vast range of online photographs and other visual resources. "This tutorial is an excellent resource for anyone needing to know more about where and how to find images online. The fact that it concentrates on copyright cleared images will make it even more valuable for busy learning and teaching professionals, researchers and students alike. It will also serve to inspire confidence in those needing to use images from the web in their work." (Sharon Waller of the Higher Education Academy).

    Shared with the World by
    Dr Jessie Hey
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    TU Graz: Course: 707.000 Web Science and Web Technology: Lecture 7: Link Analysis and Search
    What are ways of searching in graphs? In this class, we will discuss basics of link analysis, including Google's PageRank algorithm as an example. Readings: The PageRank Citation Ranking: Bringing Order to the Web, L. Page and S. Brin and R. Motwani and T. Winograd (1998) Stanford Tecnical Report

    Shared with the University by
    Prof Leslie Carr
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