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    An introduction to video podcasts
    This PowerPoint slideshow covers the educational uses of video podcasts, describes how RSS feeds work and shows how they can be created using Blackboard.

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    COMP6218 Web Architecture - Web Content Formats
    Plain Text - ASCII, Unicode, UTF-8 Content Formats - XML-based formats (RSS, MathML, SVG, Office) + PDF Text based data formats: CSV, JSON

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    Common Craft
    Common craft make short videos which explain in simple terms some common concepts and technologies used in learning and teaching. These are available through The Common Craft Store, which offers versions of videos that are: Downloadable files Presentation-quality Licensed for workplace use You can find the free, online versions of the videos on The Common Craft Show. Topics include phishing, RSS, wikis, Twitter, social networking, social bookmarking, web search strategies, social media, podcasting, sharing photos online and many more.

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