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    Academic study skills guides for students with dyslexia
    Six downloadable guides produced by Dyslexia Services covering: academic writing; dissertations; memory, revision and exam techniques; note taking and note making; organisation and time management; reading and research skills

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    COMP1214 Revision - 2014
    Based on the topics requested by the 2013-14 class.

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    COMP6234 Mock Exam Questions
    The questions here are indicative of the style of question you may receive in the exam. The actual questions may cover anything that has been taught in the course, so these should not be the only topics that you focus upon for revision!

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    COMP6234 Revision1
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    Exam revision
    Materials on revision methods and exam techniques developed for first year SOES students

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    INFO1016 Revision Slides
    These are the slides where I summarised what I thought are the important parts of the operating systems course. They are mostly slides borrowed from the original course slides, so thank you to Thanassis for those. For full details about the topics, please refer to the full lecture slides and the course textbook.

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    Memory, revision and exam techniques
    University of Southampton, Dyslexia Services have developed a range of academic study skills resources available to download. This resource supports revision and techniques for use in examinations.

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    XML revision
    Discussions around the kind of decisions that people should make in their exam questions

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