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    A Self-Scoring Exercise On APA Style, Research Language, and Referencing for Undergraduate Students
    Based on examples provided by 27 graduate psychology faculty, this self-test incorporates many of the more common errors in style, language, and referencing found in student papers. Taking this self-test helps students to recognize common errors and encourages them to refer the APA Publication Manual on a regular basis. In addition, students begin to think about how to use correctly the language of psychological research. This self-test should take about 30 minutes to complete and score. It is composed of three parts: a) a mock Discussion section, where students are asked to act as editors and find the errors, p. 2 (10 minutes). b) a corrected Discussion section, where students find the errors they missed, p. 3 (5 minutes) and, c) a full description of each error with illustrations of correct usage, pp. 4-7 (15 minutes). This exercise assumes some knowledge of APA style. Thus, it is best-suited for advanced undergraduates who need to write research reports and all levels of graduate students. It may be taken at home or in class. Although the self-test is designed to be fully self-directed, instructors may wish to use it at the beginning or end of a classroom discussion on APA style. It could also be used in a pre-test-post-test fashion to evaluate students learning over the course of a term.

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    Dr Tom Randell
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    Hartley Library Induction for Psychology Undergraduates October 2009
    This presentation provides some basic information and orientation for the new cohort of Undergraduates entering the BSc (Hons) Programme in the School of Psychology, University of Southampton.

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    Ms Debra Morris
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    Individuals, Behaviour Change and the Web
    A psychologist's description of the Web as an effective channel for inducing and promoting changes of behaviour in individuals. Demonstrates an experimental system called "LifeGuide".

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    Prof Leslie Carr
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