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    A Quiz on Privacy
    Created for INFO2009 coursework.

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    Big Data: Wrongs and Rights by Andrew Cormack (WAIS Seminar)
    Abstract: Big Data has been characterised as a great economic opportunity and a massive threat to privacy. Both may be correct: the same technology can indeed be used in ways that are highly beneficial and those that are ethically intolerable, maybe even simultaneously. Using examples of how Big Data might be used in education - normally referred to as "learning analytics" - the seminar will discuss possible ethical and legal frameworks for Big Data, and how these might guide the development of technologies, processes and policies that can deliver the benefits of Big Data without the nightmares. Speaker Biography: Andrew Cormack is Chief Regulatory Adviser, Jisc Technologies. He joined the company in 1999 as head of the JANET-CERT and EuroCERT incident response teams. In his current role he concentrates on the security, policy and regulatory issues around the network and services that Janet provides to its customer universities and colleges. Previously he worked for Cardiff University running web and email services, and for NERC's Shipboard Computer Group. He has degrees in Mathematics, Humanities and Law.

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    COMP3016 Web Technology - Strand "Web Science" Lecture 2
    Lecture 2: Personal Privacy and State Interference Lecture slides and video by Danny Weitzner.

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  5. collection
    Collection for UK Computing Law - INFO2009 - 09/10
    Collection of poster, reference list and resource source and database dump

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    Collection of Resources for Team Peanut Butter Jelly
    The workings of Team Peanut Butter Jelly for INFO2009.

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    Computer Applications: Online Identity
    Privacy and online identity

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    Group 21 Slartibartfast - Group Resource
    Informative website about Anonymous/LulzSec and Denial of Service attacks

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    Group Poster for UK Computing Law - INFO2009 - 09/10
    Group Poster for UK Computing Law

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    INFO 2009 Peanut Butter Jelly Website
    INFO 2009 Peanut Butter Jelly Website

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    INFO2009 2012-13 Resource Group 10 Facebook Privacy
    Security and Privacy Online - this is the resource and flyer created for INFO2009 which provides an interactive web presentation to make the general public aware of the dangers of using the internet unsafely, and how they can protect themselves.

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    INFO2009 2012-13 Resource Group 12 Security and Privacy
    This is an educational resource that covers a number of realistic attacks on privacy from a technical perspective along with the legal issues you might face if you don't take adequate precautions with data. The format is engaging and entertaining, framing real-world issues in a familiar medium - namely that of a trailer for a blockbuster film.

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    INFO2009 2012-13 Resource Group 16 Cyber Security
    This resource is an informational resource that attempts to inform the general public about security and privacy with using the internet.

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    INFO2009 2012-13 Resource Group 2&3: The Splendid Seven
    Friendface is a Facebook-styled site aimed at illustrating the importance of using appropriate privacy settings when using social media

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    INFO2009 2012-13 Resource Group 20: video "Panorama: An Investigation into Augmented Reality"
    Group 20 (km) "Kirk's Krew" is proud to present "Panorama: An Investigation into Augmented Reality," an exciting and entertaining video used for the general public which engages through a fast-paced investigatory style. You'll never forget the story of students Jake and Andrew as they seek to thwart the villianous schemes of Larry Beige with help and hindrance from AR! Explore the past, present and future of AR in a Panorama style investigation! ECS' very own Dr Enrico Costanza is on hand with years of expertise! For a full listing of share contents, please see readme.txt

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    INFO2009 2012-13 Resource Group 21 - We know where you live
    We know where you live is an entertaining and informative quiz show highlighting the dangers resulting from a lack of awareness of Facebook's privacy and security settings. The game show is complemented by a short tutorial explaining these settings. The show is aimed at a wider audience and is suitable for all.

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    INFO2009 Assignment 2 (Group 11) - An Interactive Tutorial on Digital Rights Management
    This resource contains an interactive tutorial slide, a set of multiple choice questions and a poster that Group 11 composed for INFO2009 Assignment 2. The topic area for the resource is Digital Rights Management.

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    INFO2009 Group 20 - Resource
    INFO2009 2011/2012 Session, Group 20 (One Direction) resource on surveillance

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    INFO2009 Privacy DPA and other legislation.
    Slides related to data protection act, plus guidance on identifying other resources covering the area of privacy

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    Identity and Privacy Presentation using Prezi
    For Ethics in a Complex World module. General topics with links to resources about identity and privacy. Mainly looking at online identity and how you manage it effectively.

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    Preparing an Annotated Bibliography and overview of the Data Protection Act
    Slides used in lecture, explaining coursework and providing an introduction to the Data Protection Act. Students should use these resources as guidance for the forthcoming coursework (annotated bibliography). Like all materials you can expect slides to address issues which come up future assessment activities

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    Privacy is a concept that has been with us for hundreds of years, but it is relatively recently (the last 130 years or so) that it has been seen as something that needs protection as a legal right. Technology has presented many challenges to privacy, from the printing press to recording devices to communication hacking, but Social Media seems to present something new - a phenomenon of people giving up their personal information to an extent that would be considered extraordinary just a generation ago. In this lecture we look at attitudes and behaviors around privacy, see how social norms have shaped our expectations of privacy, and how we have come to trade our privacy for value, making complex (and sometimes ill-informed) risk decisions. We will also explore how people really behave on Social Media systems, to see whether we (as a society) should be concerned about modern attitudes to privacy, and whether there are any advantages that might balance that concern. Finally we look at how technology can be applied to the problems of privacy, both as a preventative measure, but also by aiding transparency and helping people to make better privacy decisions. These slides were updated for 2014.

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    Privacy and Electronic Communications
    slides for a class which explores professional, ethical and legal issues surround the use, storage and transmission of electronic communications and data. Follows on from previous class which looked in greater detail at the Data Protection Act

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    Privacy and Security - background grey literature online
    Background reading for coursework to prepare a technical report as part of the orientation phase. These items are business documents (i.e. grey literature) which might be read as a prelude or complement to finding information in peer reviewed academic publications. grey literature links and articles to be used in preparation of technical report. See also overview guidance document for this assignment

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    Privacy and data protection
    A primer for data scientists

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    Privacy animation - INFO2009 Coursework 2 2010, Group 20
    Repository contains an animation related to privacy along with the poster for the resource in both jpeg and pdf format.

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    Reference List for UK Computing Law - INFO2009 - 09/10
    Reference List for UK Computing Law

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    Resource for UK Computing Law - INFO2009 - 09/10
    Zip file containing source code and database dump for the resource

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    Review: Social Media and Abstract Nouns
    The revision slides for our Social Media course, contains major lessons learned throughout the course, and an example exam question (on trust).

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    This is Me: Digital Identities
    Your Digital Identity is everything you create on the Web, but also what other people might say about you there. Photographs on social networking sites, logs of chatroom conversations, newspaper articles about your role in a play, or your sporting victory. Even if you don't post material to the Web yourself, there is a good chance somebody else does, and we believe it is worth knowing about some of the issues. This workbook is designed to help you raise your level of awareness and to think about some of the ways your DI might be affected. There are two workbooks linked here; one for students generally and one for students studying for the health professions.

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    Transparency & Privacy
    The Transparency Agenda of the 2010/1 UK Coalition government promises to revolutionise government, public services and public engagement, by ‘holding politicians and public bodies to account, reducing the deficit and delivering better value for money in public spending, and realising significant economic benefits by enabling businesses and non-profit organisations to build innovative applications and websites using public data’, to quote the then Prime Minister. This is an ambitious programme with laudable aims, yet it naturally has limits.

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