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    How do I set up my thesis so it meets the University's Page Setup regulations for paper size and margins?
    This video shows how to ensure the document: • has mirror margins that alternate on left and right hand pages • is A4 in size • has margins that are in-line with the regulations • has its major sections starting on the right hand (odd numbered) page Although this video shows how to perform these tasks in Word 2010, they are virtually identical in Word 2013. In Word 2011 for Mac the steps are very similar and precise details can be found in the Word 2011 Sections manual.

    Shared with the University by
    Mr Jonathan Lightfoot
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    Using page and section breaks, mirror margins and headers & footers in a thesis in MS Word 2011 (Mac) Manual
    The University's thesis regulations give very specific guidance about margin's and page layout. This manual explains how to use set up margins to work with double sided printing; how to ensure chapters start on the right-hand page; and how to create running headers and footers in a thesis written in MS Word 2011.

    Shared with the University by
    Mr Jonathan Lightfoot
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