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    Assembing Chapters into the Final Thesis
    This 17 minute video provides a step-by-step guide to assembling the separate chapters of a thesis into a single document. It shows you how to ensure continuous page numbers and separate chapter headers, as well as auto-generating a table of contents and table of figures.

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    How to convert a Word file to PDF using Adobe Acrobat on an iSolutions workstation.
    This PowerPoint provides a step-by-step guide to the process of converting a document (such as your thesis) from Word to PDF.

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    Including Figures in your Thesis
    This 10-minute video shows you how you can include image files in your thesis. By using the University template and special styles, you will be able to automate their numbering and references to them in the text, as well as generate tables of figures.

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    The Outline View
    When creating a document it can be difficult to know from the outset what the final layout and structure of a document should be. Using headings and styles, users can create a document and structure it appropriately at the end using the outline function.

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