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    Introduction to shell scripting
    Bash scripts and pipelines

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    Mr Patrick Mcsweeney
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    Learning Resource Coursework - Team Sigma
    We have created a slideshow on Open Source, and have created a reference list and poster for it.

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    Mr Adam Costello
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    Team Quintinlessness: Open source software resource set
    INFO2009 Assignment 2 reference list for team "Quintinlessness" - Subject: Open source software

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    Mr Antony Johnston
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    Vim - The what, the why and the how
    An introduction to Vim and why I use it. This resource is the precursor to a technical walk through and code along using vim. During the talk I handed round a cheat sheet for vim which can be found at You can find full documentation and a lot more indepth examples in the vim documentation:

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    Mr Patrick Mcsweeney
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