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    CINAHL Keywords
    Basic guide to searching using keywords

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    CINAHL-Subject Headings
    How to search CINAHL using their thesaurus

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    Copyright and wrong
    Article from Economist debating copyright and role in today's society

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    Copyright in context
    Questions asked by library staff and answered by experts, to give insight into everyday issues to do with copyright and licensing.

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    Copyright toolkit from Eduserv
    If you are a first-time user of the toolkit, new to your job, or inexperienced in copyright and right clearance issues, you are recommended to begin with the introductory exercise (greetings card activity). The questions in the exercises have been designed to build up copyright knowledge, beginning at a most basic level of understanding. These exercises should be followed in sequence order to benefit from each learning outcome.

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    Intute tutorial on image searching
    Would you like to learn how to use the Internet to find copyright cleared images for your work, quickly and efficiently?

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    Keep up-to-date with copyright
    Brief listing of books and webpages on copyright law and how to interpret it.

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    copyright resources
    A collection of resources to inform staff about copyright issues, including useful links to articles and webpages as well as a PDF called "Copyright in Context" pertinant questions and answers that formed part of a study morning held at the Hartley Library in May 2010 and also a narrated powerpoint presentation by Adam Warren.

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