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    A Web-quiz On Health and Safety - INFO2009 - Group 18
    Poster and resource for group 18. Resource can be found hosted at Jakob Forst Aungiers:; Adam Thomas:; Nathan Padoin:; Antria Orfanidou:

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    COMP1205 W1 Independent Learning and Using Your Time
    An introduction to learning at University

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    Educational/training situated e-learning
    A small selection of the range of educational/training situated e-learning in Southampton Education School

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    Engineering Foundation Year - Sustaining Success - Lecture 1 - slides
    These materials are used in student tutorials as part of the routes to success course. The tutorials are typically delivered to a large group (~50) in an interactive manner, with the slides serving as reference/check materials. Some of the questions in the slides can also be used as individual handouts

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    Example General Feedback on Routes to Success Portfolios
    This document provides example feedback which has been generated following the marking of a class set of portfolios. It is used as a part of the Routes to Success Module, specifically on the section titled Sustaining Success. Students can read the feedback prior to completing the portfolio to alert them to the possible shortfalls which may occur when they undertake this type of task. The feedback is introduced in the context that the task of completing the portfolio is a developmental one, and that students can expect to learn and improve their performance for this type of task as they develop and refine their skills.

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    INFO 1010 Introduction and An Introduction to Learning at University
    Describes course objectives and looks at what it takes to be successful in learning at University

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    Learning, Teaching and Lesson Planning
    This resource was designed for use with MSc Web Scientists as an introduction to a coursework that requires them to produce some teaching materials.

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    Synote-Inclusively Enhancing Learning from Lectures & Recordings
    Machines recognition of continuous speech became commercially available in 1998 creating the possibility of automatically transcribing what a lecturer was saying in class to change approaches to notetaking as well as benefitting disabled students and international students. In spite of continuous improvements in speech recognition accuracy, universities haven’t been providing their students with automatically transcribed lectures and so our spin out company Synote was set up to help turn the possibility into reality. This seminar reviews the past 20 years of research into enhancing learning from lectures and recordings using speech recognition transcription that has involved researchers, universities and organisations worldwide as well as student projects and grant funded projects in ECS.

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