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    10 easy steps to ease on-line communication
    There are many different ways to communicate on-line now days from chat rooms, forums to e-mail, instant messaging, blogs and personal spaces. Some have clearly stated rules and some depend on unwritten codes of behaviour. Here are a few general tips provided that will hopefully make those occasions where learning and teaching are taking place more worthwhile.

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    An open mind
    An article from the New York Times, 16 April 2010, by Katie Hafner. This article summarises recent significant projects for creating open educational resources in the United States and UK.

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    EdShare poster
    This is a poster to present EdShare to the University of Southampton. It presents the service with the institutional URL.

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    EdShare, OERs and impact
    This presentation was prepared as a contribution to the “Does it make a difference? The impact of repositories and OERs on teaching and learning”, JISC funded event, in collaboration with SCORE and LORO, held on 23 March 2011, at the Open University, Milton Keynes. The work reflects the thinking and approach for EdShare at the University of Southampton in March 2011.

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    EdShare: Sharing for learning and teaching
    A powerpoint presentation given by Hugh Davis and Debra Morris at the University of Southampton Learning and Teaching Week event 2 April 2008.

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    Getting Started with Blackboard and E-Learning
    A PowerPoint used to start a discussion about the nature of e-learning, and showing how Blackboard can be used to support independent learning by students.

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    PILT Threshold 2
    Files used for and during the Threshold 2 workshop

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    Prepare for success
    You can use these learning activities to prepare yourself for academic life in the UK.

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    Support for International Students
    International student experience video - this video is 20 minutes long and has been devised by Bill Brooks, Hazel Chauhan and Karin Frydenlund, with support from the University's Learning and Teaching Enhancement Fund. It includes contributions from a number of international students and from members of staff with particular expertise in this area.

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    Windows Colour Scheme
    Windows offers several high contrast colour schemes which may be useful for users with vision impairments or specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia.

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