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    BSc Audiology Session 2, 2010
    This is a second session in a series of three given to audiology freshers. This session covers finding items on reading lists and finding journal articles.

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    MSc Audiology library induction, 2010
    Library induction given to the postgraduate audiology students in October 2010. Session covers an introduction to the Hartley library including Library of Congress classification, finding items from reading lists, print journals, e-journals, search strategies including boolean operators and truncation and using online databases, in particular Web of Science.

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    MSc Sound & Vibration Library Induction, October 2010
    Library induction and information skills for MSc Sound and Vibration, given in October 2010. As well as an introduction to the hartley Library and the LoC classification scheme, it covers finding material from reading lists, e-journals, making up search strategies and searching online databases using boolean operators.

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    NPCG1014 Foundations of Nursing Practice
    Essential Library Skills Year 1 Nursing October 2012

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    Understanding Your Reading List
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