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    10 easy steps to ease on-line communication
    There are many different ways to communicate on-line now days from chat rooms, forums to e-mail, instant messaging, blogs and personal spaces. Some have clearly stated rules and some depend on unwritten codes of behaviour. Here are a few general tips provided that will hopefully make those occasions where learning and teaching are taking place more worthwhile.

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    Academic integrity guidelines from Dialog Plus
    The Academic Integrity Guidelines (AIG), initally designed at Penn State University, is a small nugget from the JISC Project Dialog Plus which tests students' understanding of good academic integrity. The nugget presents students with an overview of their own institution's integrity guidelines before moving onto completing a set of multiple choice questions. This particular nugget has proved so popular that it has been exported from PSU and embedded into courses at both Leeds and Southampton.

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    Accessible Presentations
    A guide for use by both tutors and students on principles and resources for use in making presentations accessible for the whole academic community.

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    Annotating multimedia for community folksonomy and ontology building
    This is an audio recording which introduces and summarises this project.

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    Files and links from the EDIT4L project, which was part of the JISC funded Design for Learning programme.

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    EdShare presentation January 2008
    Powerpoint presentation given at the JISC Institutional Exemplars meeting, Woburn House 29 January 2008. Meeting attended by all 5 of the Institutional Exemplars bids. For EdShare: Hugh Davis, Les Carr, Jessie Hey and Debra Morris.

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    Institutional innovation: synthesis of programme outcomes
    Report of the work of the Projects funded by the JISC Institutional change/innovation Programme 2008-2010. Report produced by the Synthesis and Benefits Realisation Team linked to the Programme.

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    JISC TechDis Accessibility essentials guide: Making electronic documents more readable
    The TechDis Accessibility Essentials Guide for Reading has been divided into the following three sections: Font colours and styles; Enlarging text and Navigating documents. These guides have been designed to give practical step-by-step information to enable anyone reading electronic material to amend its look and feel into a style which suits them, their audience or the context in which it is used.

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    Presentation for EASiHE Kick Off
    A presentation to explain the principles of EdShare

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