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    2015 Introduction to IT and basic facilites at WSA (Winchester School of Art)
    Week 0 induction for all new WSA students. Includes Details on iSolutions, WSA Technical Services, Workshop and Studio Professional practice and some basic Health and Safety guidance.

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    Helen Cullington - iSolutions Sensei Sessions
    Michael Nemetz interviews Helen Cullington from the Institute of Sound and Vibration research Cochlear Implant Centre on Highfield Campus.

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    IT Induction Video's (iSolutions)
    Video's from iSolutions introducing student related ICT services.

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    Neil Gostling - iSolutions Sensei Sessions
    Neil is a teaching fellow in Biological sciences who specialises evolutionary-development. He has recently been working with students CT scanning pieces of Dinosaur found on the Isle of Wight. He also has some interesting insights into our teaching information systems.

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    Phillip Fenberg - iSolutions Sensei Sessions
    Phillip came to talk to us about his teaching at the NOC. He has some interesting challenges in his work including what to do with a large collection of images of butterflies and moths.

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    iSolutions Sensei Sessions
    Talks to try and connect people in the department with the goings on around the university in an interactive and more informal way. Something to pep you up on a Monday morning.

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