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    Getting Images from the Internet
    Its easy to collect images from the internet for research.

    Shared with the World by
    Mr Adam Procter
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    Internet for Image Searching
    "Internet for Image Searching" is a free online tutorial to help staff and students in universities and colleges to find digital images for their learning and teaching. The emphasis of the tutorial is on finding copyright cleared images which are available free; facilitating quick, hassle-free access to a vast range of online photographs and other visual resources. "This tutorial is an excellent resource for anyone needing to know more about where and how to find images online. The fact that it concentrates on copyright cleared images will make it even more valuable for busy learning and teaching professionals, researchers and students alike. It will also serve to inspire confidence in those needing to use images from the web in their work." (Sharon Waller of the Higher Education Academy).

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    Dr Jessie Hey
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    Tutorial on Searching for Images
    An online tutorial showing how to obtain images which are suitable for teaching purposes, where there are no copyright issues to resolve!

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    Dr Mike Weaver
  4. collection
    copyright resources
    A collection of resources to inform staff about copyright issues, including useful links to articles and webpages as well as a PDF called "Copyright in Context" pertinant questions and answers that formed part of a study morning held at the Hartley Library in May 2010 and also a narrated powerpoint presentation by Adam Warren.

    Shared with the University by
    Mrs Vicky Fenerty
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