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    Introduction to Matlab - a self-study tutorial
    Matlab is a high level language that is very easy to use and very powerful. It comes with a wealth of libraries and toolboxes, that you can use directly, so that you don't need to program low level functions. It enables you to display results very easily on graphs and images. To get started with it, you need to understand how to manipulate and represent data, and how to find information about the available functions. During this self-study tutorial, you will learn: 1- How to start Matlab. 2- How you can find out all the information you need. 3- How to create simple vectors and matrices. 4- What functions are available and how to find them. 5- How to plot graphs of functions. 6- How to write a script. After this (should take about an hour), you will know most of what you need to know about Matlab and should definitely know how to go on learning about it on your own…

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    Matlab self study tutorial - Graphing
    These resources are designed to support students in gaining more confidence with using Matlab. The PDFs provide guidance and information; Objectives: Introduce basic syntax and data preparation for graphing with Matlab by providing some data, examples of code and some background documents. Outcomes: -how to write an m file script -the importance of syntax -how to load files -how to produce simple graphs -where to get help and further examples There are also some data files to provide example data for students to work with in producing Matlab resources.

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    Ms Debra Morris
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