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    WEBS2002 Group Projects: What can Flickr photographs tell us about New York City?
    In their second year, our undergraduate web scientists undertake a group project module (WEBS2002, taught by Jonathon Hare & Su White) in which they get to apply what they learnt in the first year to a practical web-science problem, and also learn about team-working. For the project this semester, the students were provided with a large dataset of geolocated images and associated metadata collected from the Flickr website. Using this data, they were tasked with exploring what this data could tell us about New York City. In this seminar the two groups will present the outcomes of their work. Team Alpha (Thomas Davidson, Adam Rann, Luke Gibbins & Ryan Dodd) will present their work on “Analysing Flickr Demographics: Identifying Optimal Advertising Locations in New York". This work aims to detect areas of high footfall for varying demographics with the aim of using this information to more accurately target advertising. Team Bravo (Thomas Rowledge, Xavier Voigt-Hill & Chloe Cripps) will present their work on “The Flickr that Never Sleeps: Observing a Changing City Through a Decade of Geotagged Uploads". This work aims to explore the broad breadth of ways in which users' interactions with Flickr captures reactions, geographical trends and the changing picture of a prominent global city.

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