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    Checking for invalid data in Excel
    A video of how to check for invalid data where the data has already been entered into Excel

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    Entering Data into Excel
    Video on how to enter data into Excel. This includes setting up column headings, changing sheet names, using lists for categorical items, using validation on columns of data, plus how to check validation is operating correctly.

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  3. collection
    A collection of videos on how to get data into Excel, check for invalid data and how to get Excel data into SPSS

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    Getting Excel Data into SPSS
    Video of how to get data in an Excel spreadsheet into SPSS. It starts with how to ensure the data is set and formatted correctly.

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    Reading Other File Formats.doc (A1)
    Notes on how to get from Excel, Access and Textfiles into SPSS. Used in Research Skills for Biomedical Science

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