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    INFO2009 Group 3, FlowerPower - Educational video about DRM
    This video contains an overall description of DRM as an introduction, and a discussion about the controversy around DRM techniques.

    Shared with the University by
    Mr Oscar Mariani Elola
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    Nurturing Reflective Learners
    An article written by David Read and colleagues, including information about using self-assessment with talking mark schemes. NOTE: The supplementary information (see page SUPP_8) includes a summary of an analysis of students responses' to evaluative questions, which demonstrate the benefit of this approach

    Shared with the World by
    Prof David Read
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    PowerPoint slides for Rethinking Lectures session
    These are the PowerPoint slides for the Rethinking Lectures session run by David Read for CHEP in 2019/20. A recording of one of the sessions can be viewed here:

    Shared with the University by
    Prof David Read
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