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    INFO2009 2012-13 Group 17 - The 8 Team “Do You Know the Equality Act” video
    a video called “Do You Know the Equality Act”. The video is aimed at undergraduate and A level students. This was produced by 17 and our name is “The 8 Team”. The group consists of Elizabeth Bolton, Aisha Guba, Zoe Butler, Caroline Lee, Yingyi Emily Liu, George Lovegrove and Annie Relfe. Our content is based on the topic of legal awareness through

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    INFO2009 2012-13 Resource Group 10 Facebook Privacy
    Security and Privacy Online - this is the resource and flyer created for INFO2009 which provides an interactive web presentation to make the general public aware of the dangers of using the internet unsafely, and how they can protect themselves.

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    INFO2009 2012-13 Resource Group 11 CTRL-S The Planet - the Green IT Boardgame
    INFO2009 learning resource coursework. This is a board game that allows you to have fun learning about the facts of Green IT

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    INFO2009 2012-13 Resource Group 12 Security and Privacy
    This is an educational resource that covers a number of realistic attacks on privacy from a technical perspective along with the legal issues you might face if you don't take adequate precautions with data. The format is engaging and entertaining, framing real-world issues in a familiar medium - namely that of a trailer for a blockbuster film.

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    INFO2009 2012-13 Resource Group 13
    This contains files from the resource: Semantic Web Explained by Group 13: Web Club 7 Further instructions in readme.txt

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    INFO2009 2012-13 Resource Group 15 - Web Science
    Web Science - Group 15 created an interactive infographic which informs prospective applicants about the new Web Science undergraduate degrees offered at the University of Southampton, starting in October 2013. Web Science as a new and exciting field of research is also briefly outlined, supported by two video interviews with Dr Les Car, a web scientist.

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    INFO2009 2012-13 Resource Group 16 Cyber Security
    This resource is an informational resource that attempts to inform the general public about security and privacy with using the internet.

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    INFO2009 2012-13 Resource Group 18 Animation Cyber Security
    Resource and flyer produced for INFO2009 12/13. An animation on public-key encryption related to cybercrime and cybersecurity. Target audience is undergraduates, but the resource does not assume prior knowledge of the topics, or any in-depth knowledge of IT.

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    INFO2009 2012-13 Resource Group 2&3: The Splendid Seven
    Friendface is a Facebook-styled site aimed at illustrating the importance of using appropriate privacy settings when using social media

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    INFO2009 2012-13 Resource Group 20: video "Panorama: An Investigation into Augmented Reality"
    Group 20 (km) "Kirk's Krew" is proud to present "Panorama: An Investigation into Augmented Reality," an exciting and entertaining video used for the general public which engages through a fast-paced investigatory style. You'll never forget the story of students Jake and Andrew as they seek to thwart the villianous schemes of Larry Beige with help and hindrance from AR! Explore the past, present and future of AR in a Panorama style investigation! ECS' very own Dr Enrico Costanza is on hand with years of expertise! For a full listing of share contents, please see readme.txt

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    INFO2009 2012-13 Resource Group 21 - We know where you live
    We know where you live is an entertaining and informative quiz show highlighting the dangers resulting from a lack of awareness of Facebook's privacy and security settings. The game show is complemented by a short tutorial explaining these settings. The show is aimed at a wider audience and is suitable for all.

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    INFO2009 2012-13 Resource Group 22
    A resource aimed at older school children about e-commerce, consisting of a series of three podcasts and an infographic.

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    INFO2009 2012-13 Resource Group 23
    FutureTech - Discover the Tech Behind Your Future!

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    INFO2009 2012-13 Resource Group 24
    A short video explaining how the next generation of the internet will differ from the web as we currently know it and how these changes will affect a user. The possible problems with the transition are also covered.

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    INFO2009 2012-13 Resource Group 27 & 31: The public awareness of science
    Resources for coursework 2 of INFO 2009. A video made to promote the public awareness of science as a topic. It goes through interesting facts and explains what you can do to make a difference. A flyer made to advertise the video, explaining what it is and how it can be used.

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    INFO2009 2012-13 Resource Group 28 Animation on Green IT
    Animation on Green IT Container EdShare to be used to assemble resources developed by team for coursework 2. The metadata will be updated by the group, and description modified when the resource set has been completed. The resource has been set up with an instructional readme file. This will be replaced by each group with a new readme file. Each group needs to update this description. Further instructions in readme.txt

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    INFO2009 2012-13 Resource Group 29 & 30
    "Britain's Next Top Business Model" Quiz Show. The animation gives an example of what questions might be asked for teaching, learning, education and/or assessment in a quiz show environment. The full set of appropriate questions is available in a separate document.

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    INFO2009 2012-13 Resource Group 7 video Augmented Reality
    This repository contains the coursework for group 7 - The Kamikaze Spanners for the module INFO2009. Our work consists of an educational movie/video on the legal and ethical issues raised by the use of Augmented Reality, a flyer in docx and pdf format and a readme.txt file. The two presenting slides used during lectures have also been uploaded to the repository, as per the coursework instructions. To view our video, please download and run it on any standard video player. Alternatively, our video can also be seen on Youtube:

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    INFO2009 2012-13: An Educational Video on Augmented Reality by Group 8 - Team Infinity
    An educational resource set on Augmented Reality and whether it really is "A Vision of Tomorrow". Our educational video takes the audience on a journey through the current uses of AR, then to the future and we also discusses legal and ethical issues towards the end.

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    INFO2009 Resource Brief
    Set of briefs used to select focus of activity in coursework 2 Copy of questions you will need to answer to make your selection for topic allocation Link to online Google form where you enter your choices etc.

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    INFO2009 Reviews Partners, Commentary and Peer Review
    guidance notes on review and evaluation processes. Part of the total handin required See also for use in context and for the guidance on the critical friend review process

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    INFO2009 The Evolution of Business Models (an audio podcast) Group 5: Team Moreau
    An irreverent sideways look at new business models and their effect on the world around us. Designed with Years 9 and 10 in mind.

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    Link to ten short video episodes about groupwork
    "Rob, Vikki, Shireen, Muzz and Delia have been randomly selected to work together to develop a presentation entitled 'The barriers to learning'. It's not an easy ride. The following 10 episodes show the journey, from their first meeting through to their impressions of the presentation and working together". Produced by the LearnHigher CETL Three areas covered by the site as follows Listening and Interpersonal Skills - the University of Leeds Oral Presentations - Brunel University Group Work - Bradford University

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    Resource and Flyer: detailed specification
    Additional information explaining items to be created. To be used in conjunction with resource briefs

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