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    Characterisation of low temperature and semi-insulating GaAs lateral photo-Dember THz Emitters
    Poster for IRMMW-THz conference in Mainz, Germany 2013

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    Creating Effective Conference Posters
    A PowerPoint presentation that outlines the key issues that people planning a conference poster need to consider.

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    Creating Effective Conference Posters
    This is a 9-minute narrated video of the PowerPoint presentation of the same name

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    Oral Presentation Skills
    This PowerPoint is used to support a workshop for University staff and students who are preparing a conference presentation. It highlights the major issues that they will need to consider when planning, practising and delivering their talk.

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    Tools to Create a Poster Using PowerPoint 2010
    This step-by-step guide introduces the PowerPoint 2010 features that can be used to create attractive posters. For example, guidelines to help elements align neatly and text boxes with margins.

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