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    Turning Point (zappers) quick guide (Windows 7)
    This single page PowerPoint can be printed out and provides brief instructions on how to use zappers ina Windows 7 teaching space.

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    Using Panopto in a Common Learning Space
    This narrated slideshow provides a step-by-step guide to recording a lecture in a CLS room using Panopto.

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    Using Zappers in a Common Learning Space (Windows 7)
    This 8 minute video provides a step-by-step guide for tutors wishing to use zappers (Turning Point) in a Common Learning Space with Windows 7 and Office 2010.

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    Using zappers in Common Learning Spaces (Windows XP)
    This resource is now obsolete and has been replaced by This PowerPoint is an animated step-by-step guide that shows tutors how to use zappers in a teaching session. It covers starting the PC, distributing the zappers, plugging in the receiver, starting the software, running the presentation and managing voting, saving data at the end and collecting the handsets. It takes around 5 minutes to view.

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