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    A Plagiarism Adventure
    This short YouTube video was produced by the University of Bergen to help their students understand the perils of plagiarism, the benefits of academic integrity and the steps they need to take to avoid plagiarism. It's in Norwegian but has subtitles - and is really funny and well-produced. A great way to introduce your students to these ideas.

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    Academic Integrity
    Understanding what is meant by plagiarism. How to ensure that you are not accused of plagiarism or cheating. How to properly reference material you copy.

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    Academic Integrity Guidelines - Professional Values
    Explanatory notes on why academic integrity is important for students in their professional and personal development.

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    Academic Integrity Guidelines - Quiz and References
    A multiple-choice quiz to test a student's understanding of academic integrity and plagiarism. A range of quiz formats including Blackboard, IMS-QTI, plain text and Respondus is available for users to download.

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    Academic Integrity Guidelines: School of Geography's Policy
    The School of Geography's policy and requirements in dealing with matters related to academic integrity and plagiarism.

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