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    ReST Practical
    In the tutorial we explored the PayPal API as an example of an API that implements HATEOAS.

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    CSS Practical
    The CSS that we wrote in the lecture, applied to the updated Tortoise and Hare HTML story created in week 1. (Note that there's 3 different stylesheets attached. Use View > Page Styles to see them all in Firefox.) Also links to Zen Garden so you can do the group task.

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    Computer Applications: Online Identity
    Privacy and online identity

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    Web Architecture: HTTP Practical
    A summary of the HTTP calls we made during the tutorial session.

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    Computer Applications: Information Literacy
    digital literacy:information and reproduction

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    Web Architecture: HTML Practical
    Resources from the HTML session on 6th October 2015

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    Cloud and Mobile Plenary - December 2014
    Summary of and additional information for the COMP1214 cloud and mobile coursework.

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    Systems & Platforms: CPUs
    Largely constructed from Kirk's COMP1203 slides.

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    COMP1214 Revision - 2014
    Based on the topics requested by the 2013-14 class.

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    COMP1214 Coursework Description
    These slides give the instructuions for completing the COMP1214 team project on cloud and mobile computing

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    Job Specs for COMP1205
    You will find here two job specs: - one for an academic internship - one for an industrial internship Choose one to target your CV at before writing it.

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    Java path setting batch file
    This is a batch file written to help students on ECS' Programming 1 course (COMP1202) using iSolutions machines which have the JDK, but do not add it to the PATH variable, making compilation from the command line difficult. It attempts to find the JDK directory and add it to the Windows PATH. The code is as follows: @SET JAVA_HOME=C:\Program Files\Java @FOR /F %%G IN ('DIR /B "%JAVA_HOME%\JDK*"') DO @SET JDK_HOME=%JAVA_HOME%\%%G @SET PATH=%JDK_HOME%\bin;%PATH% @javac -version @echo. @echo %JDK_HOME%\bin successfully added to Windows PATH @echo. @echo Now type 'javac'. @echo. @echo. @echo. @CMD

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    Systems & Platforms: Security
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    COMP1205 Technical Report Specification
    This document describes 6 scenarios from which students can choose the topic of their technical report, and outlines the formatting requirements for the report.

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    How to setup eFolio so that you can do Module assignments
    This document is under test

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    Week 2 - Organising Life
    Second Computer Applications digital literacy lecture, tackling the issue of using digital tools to help organise our lives.

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    INFO1016 Revision Slides
    These are the slides where I summarised what I thought are the important parts of the operating systems course. They are mostly slides borrowed from the original course slides, so thank you to Thanassis for those. For full details about the topics, please refer to the full lecture slides and the course textbook.

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