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    The Zooniverse - Enabling Everyone
    Abstract Grant is a recovering astrophysicist, now based at the University of Oxford. He works as the special projects manager and communications lead for the Zooniverse - the world's leading citizen science platform. They run over 40 projects across fields ranging from astronomy to zoology, and have recently been working on a platform that allows researchers to create their own citizen science projects in no time at all.

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    Data-Driven Text Generation using Neural Networks & Provenance is Complicated and Boring — Is there a solution?
    Title: Data-Driven Text Generation using Neural Networks Speaker: Pavlos Vougiouklis, University of Southampton Abstract: Recent work on neural networks shows their great potential at tackling a wide variety of Natural Language Processing (NLP) tasks. This talk will focus on the Natural Language Generation (NLG) problem and, more specifically, on the extend to which neural network language models could be employed for context-sensitive and data-driven text generation. In addition, a neural network architecture for response generation in social media along with the training methods that enable it to capture contextual information and effectively participate in public conversations will be discussed. Speaker Bio: Pavlos Vougiouklis obtained his 5-year Diploma in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in 2013. He was awarded an MSc degree in Software Engineering from the University of Southampton in 2014. In 2015, he joined the Web and Internet Science (WAIS) research group of the University of Southampton and he is currently working towards the acquisition of his PhD degree in the field of Neural Network Approaches for Natural Language Processing. Title: Provenance is Complicated and Boring — Is there a solution? Speaker: Darren Richardson, University of Southampton Abstract: Paper trails, auditing, and accountability — arguably not the sexiest terms in computer science. But then you discover that you've possibly been eating horse-meat, and the importance of provenance becomes almost palpable. Having accepted that we should be creating provenance-enabled systems, the challenge of then communicating that provenance to casual users is not trivial: users should not have to have a detailed working knowledge of your system, and they certainly shouldn't be expected to understand the data model. So how, then, do you give users an insight into the provenance, without having to build a bespoke system for each and every different provenance installation? Speaker Bio: Darren is a final year Computer Science PhD student. He completed his undergraduate degree in Electronic Engineering at Southampton in 2012.

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    WAIS Fest 2015 - Wrap up
    WAISfest is an opportunity to explore an area of research that isn't part of your day-to-day job, for 3 days. It's kinda like your Google 20% time. At the kick off session, a set of themes will be presented, and you get to choose which group to work with. Then for a few working days, you get to work on this challenge, before presenting what you've achieved at the end.

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