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    Link to ten short video episodes about groupwork
    "Rob, Vikki, Shireen, Muzz and Delia have been randomly selected to work together to develop a presentation entitled 'The barriers to learning'. It's not an easy ride. The following 10 episodes show the journey, from their first meeting through to their impressions of the presentation and working together". Produced by the LearnHigher CETL Three areas covered by the site as follows Listening and Interpersonal Skills - the University of Leeds Oral Presentations - Brunel University Group Work - Bradford University

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    Team Working and Profiling Handout
    Exercise and Handout for use in conjunction with Lecture on team working and profiling. Refers to Belbin model of team development. If you have missed the class, you should work through the activity, ideally find some other students to work with. It consists of a number of parts in addition to a self-evaluation checklist 1) A personal reflection activity (for use as the class settles) 2) A brief group activity to use during the lecture 3) A follow up activity, to complete an evaluation online from the belbin website 4) A follow up activity to work through the videos which have been produced by the LearnHigher Project

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    ELEC1032 Team Working and Profiling
    Powerpoint Slide set used to manage in class activity based introduction to team profiling from the Belbin perspective.

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    Academic Integrity Yes or No - Questions Only
    A set of questions to be used in class to introduce the concept of academic integrity.

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    Teams and Team Roles
    Find out about the ways that people contribute to teams, and the importance of the roles in teambuilding

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