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    Computer Science? WTF?
    What is Computer Science about?

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    A Web Future of Computation
    Crowdsourcing. Social Machines. Human computation. Co-construction Made Real

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    Algorithmic Complexity and Computability
    High-level introduction for web science students, rather than for computer science students.

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    Lecture notes and readings on networking: the telegraph, the internet and the OSI model.

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    Data - From Bits to Databases
    Slides based on Brookshear, augmented with a lot of simple material to encourage the students to understand binary numbers!

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    Black Boxes and Abstraction or A quick run through how computers work
    How we get from transistors through to logic gates to ALUs and memory to the stored program and the fetch execute cycle through to machine code and high level languages. Inspired by Tanenbaum's approach in "Structured Computer Organozation"

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    Programming & Software
    An overview of programming and software development.

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    Silicon Chips and Nano Devices
    A look at the Southampton Nanfabrication Centre where electro-photonic research is carried out and the AMD company's industrial processes for creating commercial quantities of silicon computing devices.

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    Example Presentations
    Looking at good examples of public presentations

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    What makes a good learning activity for school kids: examples from the MiGen project
    Powerpoint describing good educational eactivities

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