GENG0015 - Python - Variables, maths and comments

Welcome to the labs. This is your chance to practice the tasks we talk about in the lectures.


In today's lab, you are are beginning to use Python. You will be introduced to the Python syntax and some of the early concepts, and the resources we will be using.

In these sessions, you will study some material interactively, using CodeAcademy, then do some exercises. You will be expected to demonstrate that you have done these the following week.

Register for CodeAcademy

  1. Visit CodeAcademy and click Create Account (top right).
  2. Sign up for an account.

Starting to learn Python

  1. Visit the Python track on CodeAcademy.
  2. Complete the first part of the first section: 1. Python Syntax.

Practice, practice, practice

Now here are some exercises to help you practice what you have learned. if you do not finish them in the lab, you MUST finish them outside of class.

  1. See Exercise Sheet 1 PDF
  2. Ensure you save your work somewhere you can retrieve it.

Preparation for Next Week

We want you to do the next steps in Codecademy before next week's lab, so that you can start the Exercise Sheets in labs and get support from the PGTAs.

  1. Sign in to CodeAcademy.
  2. Visit the Python track on CodeAcademy.
  3. Complete the first two sections: 2. Strings & Console Output and 3. Conditionals & Control Flow.