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    Scitable - Learn Science with Nature Education

    Scitable is an open online teaching/learning portal combining high quality educational articles authored by editors at NPG with technology-based community features to fuel a global exchange of scientific insights, teaching practices, and study resources. Scitable currently contains articles in the field of genetics, and is intended for college undergraduate faculty and students. Future plans involve extension of Scitable to other fields within the life sciences, as well as to other audiences. Scitable brings together a library of scientific overviews with a worldwide community of scientists, researchers, teachers and students. Nature Education is a new division of Nature Publishing Group devoted to facilitating high quality, innovative, accessible science education in all countries of the world.

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    Staff: create a student group, browse for content for your group; upload your own lecture notes, study notes, diagrams or animations for use by the worldwide teaching community; be an online mentor. Students: ask an expert a question, access over 200 overviews of key concepts. NB some features require registration

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