Types of assessment
Direct observation  Activity, skill, performance that is observed by a practice facilitator and/or member of the team, whereby the individual’s performance is commented on and/or graded, and feedback given in an informal or formal manner.
OSCE or simulation Practical skills session (or simulation) that is formally examined, assessed or graded using predetermined criteria by a practice facilitator and/or member of the team.
Presentation Individual presentation of a topic, scenario or specific technique to a specific audience. This may be informally/formally assessed by a practice facilitator, or members of the team or peers. Feedback can be verbal or written and informal or formally graded against pre-determined criteria.
Professional conversation A group process whereby each individual member presents a personal reflection of a learning experience from practice. This experience is supported by evidence from current literature.  The presentor leads a brief group discussion on any professional issues raised.
Reflective commentary  A reflective account, diary or journal that is kept by an individual throughout a process of learning and/or practice. It may be used to  demosntrate personal insight and professional growth.
Written report  A written report completed for a specific purpose and audience. It can be used to make recommendations for practice . This, again, can be used to  demosntrate personal insight and professional growth. Assessment of the report may be informal or via a formal grading and feedback process .
Essay writing  An academic assignment with an allotted word count on a topic and/or learning experience. This can be formally assed and graded using predetermined criteria or used informally to provide feedback on acadmeic performance and development.
Multiple choice tests  Set of comprehensive questions on topics that are selected to show breadth of knowledge and application to a specific subject area. An electronic assessment system is used to indicate frequency of correct answers selected during process of assessment.
Literature review  An academic assignment, whereby the literature related to a specific topic and/or area of research or practice is explored. It is usually assessed by grading against given criteria. The literature review is often completed prior to and as a precursor to a more in-depth study of the selected topic.
Exam An unseen/seen test that is carried out under strict survalleinace conditions over a predescribed period of time. This tests the individual’s ability to apply knowledge, skills and ability to answer specific questions and to manage time effectively.