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Is my care as safe as it possibly could be and who is responsible for my safety?

Will I be told if a mistake is made and will my questions be answered honestly and in full?

Will somebody say they are sorry and support me in dealing with the consequences of a mistake?

Will I be invited to help find solutions so that other patients are not harmed?

Will somebody help me find my way around the system and will something be done to prevent this mistake happening to someone else?


If I admit my mistakes or near misses, will I be blamed?

How can I easily report errors and near misses?

Can I report what might have gone wrong?

Will I get feedback?

Can we share our learning with others?

Will somebody support me when I want to talk to my patients and their families about a mistake?

Managers and leaders

Is patient safety our top priority or, in reality, do other goals and targets come first in our organisation?

If something serious happened, would we be open and learn from it?

How would we ensure that the lessons learned prevent future patients being harmed if faced with similar risks?

Do we know the cost of unsafe care in our organisation?

How can we ensure that patients and their experiences are at the heart of patient safety within our organisation?

Can we measurably demonstrate that the healthcare we provide is becoming safer each year?

Can we learn from the experience of other organisations?