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Understahding learner behaviour Knowledge Practice Communication Appearance

Presents an appropriate professional image. Adheres to uniform requirements of area, e.g. prescribed formal profession specific uniform, or smart casual clothes.


Relates appropriately with patients/clients, colleagues, team members and the general public. Adopts professional approach to all communication scenarios, adhering to codes of practice, being aware of confidentiality and health and safety issues, showing compassion, empathy and good listening skills within all discourse with service users.


Demonstrates commitment and proper involvement with their work and manages their time appropriately. Is aware of and follows professional code of practice at all times, adopts a realistic schedule of work that includes keeping direct supervisor/manager and other members of the team informed and up dated at all times.


Justifies his/her professional action when necessary. Makes professional judgements in an informed manner making use of personal knowledge and skills, is aware of and adopts transparent decision making process in all professional interactions.