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Being the practitioner that the learner aspires to be.
Offering empathy, building confidence and being available
to the learner when needed.
Stimulating the leaner to think critically about their performance.
Demonstrating enthusiasm and passion for their profession and client group.
Articulating clear ideas as to how future practice with the profession can be innovated and improved.
Investing time and interest in the learner development, imparting knowledge and skills.
Frequently exploring standards of practice with the learner and making sure the threshold level is clear to the learner.
Assisting the learner to systemically examine problems and then examine ways to resolve and prevent the problem reoccurring.
Demonstrating and guiding the learner's development of skills that form the art and craft of their practice.
Providing feedback in a positive and constructive way that includes action plans for further development.
Promotes wider thinking about organisational issues and associated socio-economic and political context of care.
Providing access to learning opportunities.
Acting as a sounding board.
Offering views on potential career development.